Little House in the Country Christian Preschool & Childcare LLC -  "A Place Like Home"

Meet Our Team

Little House in the Country
Director: Tara 
Assistant Director: Nicole
Curriculum Coordinator: Alysha
Head Preschool Teacher: Alysha
Supervisor Toddler Rooms: Yani
Head Infant Teacher (Peasprouts):Rosie D.
Infant Room (Sweetpeas): Jaime
Infant Room (Sweetpeas): Jeana
Infant Room (Peasprouts): Odyssey, Isi, Kasandra
Toddler Room (Guppies): Gissela, Colleen
Toddler Room (Honeybees):Lexi, Holly
Young Preschool Room (Ducklings):Sloane, Sarah
Young Twos' Room(Bear Cubs): Cindy, Grace
Older Twos' Room (Teddy Bears): Megan, Jessica
Pre K Rooms (Clubhouse) Rachael D,  
Preschool Rooms (Punkins'):Felica, Gladys, Blake
School Age Rooms (Clubhouse): Amanda
Floaters : Kara, Bella, Chris, Caitlin, Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Caroline 


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