Little House in the Country Preschool and Child Care, LLC. -  "A Place Like Home"

Meet Our Team

Little House in the Country
Director: Alysha Barkman
Assistant Director & Curriculum Coordinator: Sunny Comstock
Head Toddler Teacher/ Closing Supervisor: Yanitza Vazquez (Yani)
Infant Room (Peasprouts): Nina Shea
Infant Room (Peasprouts): Samantha Gruelle
Infant Room (Sweetpeas): Samantha Duquette
Infant Room (Sweetpeas): Jeana Holmes
Toddler Room (Guppies): Gissela Marino
Toddler Room (Guppies): Shayla Hensel
Toddler Room (Honeybees): Rosana Delgado
Toddler Room (Honeybees): Alexis Rankin
Toddler Room (Honeybees): Janet Aldrich
Toddler Room (Ducklings): Sloane Perzanowski
Toddler Room (Ducklings): Loupu Stevens
Toddler Room (Bear Cubs): Nicole Piantanida
Toddler Room (Bear Cubs): Cynthia Hannon
Toddler Room (Teddy Bears): Devyn Weidner

Country Clubhouse
Director: Tara Robertson
Assistant Director: Jaime Coles
Closing Supervisor: Christina DeBarge
Infant Room Lead Teacher (Tadpoles): MaryAnn Ducharme
Toddlers Room Lead Teacher (Polliwogs): Nicole French
Toddler Room Teacher: Danielle Kuhn
Toddler Room Lead Teacher (Lily Pads): Jennifer Bocchino
Preschool/School Age Teacher (Dragonflies):Jenna Gagne
Teacher: Morgan Trotter
Teacher Assistant: Marissa LaPlante


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